New Agency Profile: Radilla Advertising

Rebecca Illingworth Radilla, President and Founder of Illingworth Communications, recently re-launch her Minneapolis-based media buying agency to Chicago, changing the name to Radilla Advertising, and shifting its focus somewhat.

After working nearly 10 years with the media-buying agency, Illingworth Radilla realized that her firm must adapt to the changes in the marketplace and the economy. So she decided to launch Radilla Advertising, focusing its business on vertical markets like: Alternative Lifestyle, African-American, Gay and Lesbians, and Hispanics, as well as sports media buying and arena marketing.

“We are looking to focus on the forgotten budget. Clients must understand the importance of the Hispanic community, and other rapidly expanding markets,” Illingworth Radilla emphasizes.

This Hispanic focus explains why she decided to locate its headquarters in Chicago, an emblematic sports city and home to a considerable Hispanic community. The city offers better opportunities and more clients than many others, according to Illingworth Radilla. Some of the brands they already work with are Northern Tools and Equipment, 3M, Renewal by Anderson Windows, Kawasaki, 555 Souls and Mountain Dew. 

Prior to founding Illingworth Communications, Illingworth Radilla worked in media and advertising agencies Campbell Mithun and the Haworth Group, where she worked on accounts such as Target, Marshall Field’s (previously Dayton’s), Cub Foods, Dow Products, and 3M. Raised in Mexico City, she is fluent in both Spanish and in English.

Brian Willette will serve as the creative director of Radilla Advertising. Willette has worked as a creative director and art director on projects with BBD as well as independent projects for 555 Soul and Brooklyn Industries. He is also a recognized photographer who has published his photos in publications such as Wallpaper Magazine, ID, Index and Time Magazine.