New York — The National Association of Hispanic Publications Foundation (NAHP) released a study aboutcirculation audit use by Hispanic publications and media buyers. The study was conducted by Western Publications Research (WPR), sister company of Latino Print Network, which represents a network of over 350 NAHP member papers. Kirk Whisler, president and research director of the Latino Print Network, lead the study and presented the results to an audience of 16-20 auditors, publishers and media buyers assembled at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan.

The study reviewed the audit status of over 400 U.S. publications, looked in-depth at the auditing practices of 326 Hispanic weeklies, and included interviews with auditors, advertisers and marketing professionals, in an attempt to determine how audits could be more effectively used by both publishers and advertisers. The study found that only 125 of the 1,089 Hispanic publications currently circulating in the U.S. are audited. The main reasons given by unaudited publications were that they “didn't know enough about how audits work,” “the cost was too high,” or that they required “too much paper work.” Consistently audited publications included in the study earned almost five times as much as unaudited publications in terms of ad revenues and experienced higher growth rates over time. The study also outlined trends in auditing, which include demands by advertisers and publishers to see year round audits with quarterly reports, a move toward counting copies in use, and a move away from Publishers' Statements. Based on the findings, WPR made industry wide recommendations, including a call to auditing companies to unite with an annual state of print audits report and a recommendation that ad agencies use only audited Hispanic newspapers in the top 25 markets. Tom Oliver, executive director of the NAHP Foundation, said that the NAHP board is currently considering adopting the reforms recommended by the WPR.

Carrie Barnes


Portada Staff

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