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MPA Postpones Hispanic Magazine Advertising ROI Study

Magazine Publishers of America decided to postpone a Hispanic Magazine Advertising ROI study it had been planning to conduct.


“We decided that the market is not ready generally speaking for a ROI study,” says Charles McCullagh, International Director at the MPA. Reasons are varied, according to McCullagh: “There is not enough activity in the part of most obvious brands, there is some concern that the process is not blind, which is to say that data would not be kept confidential (we have shown this not to be of concern in our general market research), and that there are more pressing needs in the sector than ROI research. We are still open to this research and a few companies such as Toyota are still considering it. But as a matter of policy MPA and all the major Hispanic publishers are outlining a study that addresses engagement, cultural relevance and the like.”

MPA's goal was to increase the share of ad-spending going to Hispanic magazines by pooling corporate resources to fund a marketing/media mix accountability study using a case history approach. Reader's Digest Selecciones, People en Espanol, Meredith Hispanic Ventures and Televisa, were interested sponsors.

On the advertiser side, selected brands from major marketers in the area of OTC or CPG brands such as P&G, Kraft, J&J, Unilever, Colgate or Campbell Soup were approached to participate. None of these companies showed enough interest.

In order to get a reasonable model operational, MPA needed an advertiser that has a schedule of advertising running pretty much throughout the year with roughly 10% of their spending in magazines, or a lesser percentage, but larger spending allocation overall.

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