MPA Launches Hispanic Media ROI Research Effort

Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) is launching a research effort to show that print should get a higher percentage of Hispanic ad spend. “Magazines get about two percent of the ad spending targeting the Hispanic market. This compares to about seventeen percent going to consumer magazines for the general market”, says Wayne Eadie, Research Chief at MPA.

MPA's goal is to increase the share of ad spending going to Hispanic magazines by pooling corporate resources to fund a marketing/media mix accountability study using a case history approach. Reader's Digest Selecciones, People en Espanol, Meredith Hispanic Ventures and Televisa, are interested sponsors.

On the advertisers side, a selected brand from a major marketer in the area of OTC or CPG brands such as P&G, Kraft, J&J, Unilever, Colgate or Campbell Soup would be approached to participate. An ideal candidate brand would be one heavily into Hispanic television and only a moderate amount of magazine activity. In order to get a reasonable model operational, we would need an advertiser that has a schedule of advertising running pretty much throughout the year with roughly 10% of their spending in magazines, or a lesser percentage, but larger spending allocation overall.

Independent research firm

The analysis for the study will be done by a well respected, independent advertising modeling firm such as Hudson River Group. The supplier will work with the client to receive all data from their agency directly, assuring complete independence. It is expected that we could get a read on Spanish language consumer magazines, television/cable and possibly radio.