Mosaico plans to test a product driven DRTV spot this September. The campaign will feature one book as opposed to a collection of books offered by the club. The Bertelsmann owned book club has conducted DRTV advertising on networks including Univision, Telemundo, Azteca America and Telefutura. In a recent Directo Days Conference, John Nicholson, director of new member advertising at Mosaico, said that DRTV increases brand awareness and has a positive impact on the response rates of other new member acquisition channels (Direct mail, Internet).

…but direct mail still drives acquisition.

Solo-mail and shared mailings (package inserts) are Mosaico's main member acquisition tools, responsible for close to two thirds of Mosaico's new customers (see table). Nicholson also pointed out that when the “bill me option” was introduced in the mail offer, the response was 4 times higher than without it. In general, Hispanic market response rates tend to be 2 to 3 times higher than in the general market. Direct mail campaigns by children's book publisher Scholastic often have response rates that are 2 times higher among Hispanic households compared to general market households.

Bookspan, a direct marketer of general interest and specialty book clubs (co-owned by Time Warner and Bertelsmann), introduced Mosaico in 2002 as a Spanish-language book club with strong offerings in the Self-help, Spirituality, New Age, Health, Sex and Eroticism categories (see “Bookspan develops different strategies for its Spanish book clubs,” page 27, Portada® No. 14, February/March 2005).

How Mosaico acquires new members

Direct Mail


Package insert


Print advertising (FSIs magazines)






Note: percentages of new club members through

various acquisition channels


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