Advertisers and media buyers interviewed by Portada® expressed a need for more sports publications targeting Hispanics. Deborah Richmond, media buyer at VIVA partnership in San Antonio, whose clients include Verizon Wireless and Pfizer, says “most publications, particularly magazines, skew toward women. I am looking out for publications targeting men, particularly sports publications.”

Kathryn Carter, EVP of Soccer United Marketing (SUM) agrees. “There is a lot of room for growth in both the quantity and quality of soccer and sports publications. There are many foreign soccer magazines on newsstands, but there is still a great opportunity for publications which target a US Hispanic audience. SUM is in a good position to take advantage of future growth.”

Of the available sports publications targeting Spanish-speaking audiences, only a few have national distribution or circulation. Fútbol Mundial a newspaper insert (monthly, circ. 1,000,000, Spanish with English story summaries, CPM US $40) is also audited. Major League Baseball en español (newspaper insert, circ. 1,100,000, bilingual, CPM US $27.30) is currently published three times a year, but its publisher, Major League Baseball Properties, plans to increase publication to four times a year.

Carter emphasizes that direct marketing at key community soccer gatherings and strategic placement in sports pages are always incorporated into Soccer United Marketing's media plan. “SUM develops events that allow the U.S. sponsors (Coca-Cola, Budweiser, The Home Depot, Nike and Western Union) of our various properties, like Federación Mexicana de Fútbol (FMF), to connect directly with the Hispanic and particularly the Mexican market. Most of our sponsors are interested in multi-media advertising.”


Portada Staff

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