Media Buyers bring good news for advertising in 2007

“In 2007 there will definitely be an increase in Hispanic Advertising spending,” Diane Brooks, media analyst at Newspaper Services of America in Atlanta, tells Portada®. The main reason for this is the demographic reality of the expanding Hispanic youth population. Newspaper Services of America is a media buying agency that is exclusively focused on print media. Its clients include Home Depot, Mervyn's, Sears, Michaels, Safeway, Linens N-Things, and Bed Bath & Beyond. In Brooks’ opinion, the increase in Hispanic print advertising will equally affect ROP and FSI advertising.

However, not everyone sees Hispanic advertising’ future, particularly of print advertising, as being so rosy. A media buyer from a Madison Avenue-based advertising agency forecasts growth going into next year; however, the largest amount of that growth will be going into TV advertising. “The main trends will be consistent with what we have seen in past years. What is driving it is the fact that there are still many new marketers that are coming into the Hispanic market to test it. There is still quite a big churn. Many brands are not yet really committed to the market. In the Hispanic market, budgets and marketing programs are less evolved and there are fewer dollars to work with. That is why marketers tend to go for media that has the biggest reach, which is TV and do less direct marketing and newspapers.” Interestingly, the media buyer adds that “a lot of people do not know if TV is working but it gives them a sense of continuity.” In his opinion, for the market to really grow there needs to be more data about language preferences.