2007 has not been an easy year so far for Vida en el Valle, which publishes 5 editions in Fresno, Merced County, Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento with a total circ. of 174,000.   According to Valerie Bender, publisher of Vida en el Valle, the bilingual weekly’s publications revenues in Q2 where 15% lower than during the same period of 2006. Bender notes that, “Latino publications are as affected from national advertising as the regular publications are.” More than 60% of Vida’s advertising revenues come from national advertisers.

Most of Vida’s advertising is sold in bulk with The Fresno Bee advertising. According to Bender there has been weakness in National Telecom and Banking, and of course, in the Real Estate category. Preprint advertising has been weaker than ROP advertising, as many advertisers have been doing specialized zoning, instead of inserting their ads in the full run of the newspapers. Most of preprints are sold on national level together with The Fresno Bee.


While the Florida market has been hit by a real estate slump and this trend has impacted general market newspapers in particular, McClatchy’s Miami property El Nuevo Herald has had a positive third quarter. According to Cesar Pizarro, Business Manager at El Nuevo Herald (daily, Spanish, circ. 90,000) “total revenues were up 2%  versus the same period last year, while local and national revenues increased 7%” versus the same period last year.”

…and Dallas-Ft. Worth

Regarding the highly-competitive Dallas/Ft. Worth market, where McClatchy’s La Estrella competes with Al Dia a daily Spanish-language newspaper with a circ. of  published by Belo, Bill Vincent, business manager of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s La Estrella has the following to say. “We have many competitors, all vying for the same first-generation Hispanic market.   While the best of our analysis shows that we have more sold linage than any other paper, I don't think any in our area is trending positively.”

Vincent adds that, “Preprints for us are up, more than the general market newspaper. Our new home-delivered product, En Casa (Spanish, weekly, circ. 150,000), has delivered excellent results, and our first readership study gave far better results than I had expected.  Seventy-six percent of recipients read it each week. Fifteen percent read it occasionally, and 5% seldom.  Less than 3% of recipients never read it.  These are xcellent readership results and advertisers are very pleased with it.”

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