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During the first quarter of 2008, banks led in Hispanic magazine and newspaper advertising within the financial category. More than 70% of national advertising in the category was spent in the Banking subcategory. Insurance followed with 12.2% of total amount spent, followed by credit Cards (9.7%), Mortgages (5.125%) and Money Transfers (0.4%) Mortgage expenditures were relatively low due to the current sub-prime crisis.

Banks Lead


1. Banks

2. Insurance

3. Credit Cards

4. Mortgages

5. Money Transfers

Financial subcategories ranked by national advertising expenditures during Jan 1, – March 30, 2008

Source: Portada Ad-Tracking

… and Bank of America Leads within the Banking Category

Bank of America was the largest advertiser within the Banking category in Hispanic newspapers and magazines during the first quarter of 2008; BofA was followed by Washington Mutual and U.S. Century Bank.

BofA leads followed by Wamu


1 Bank of America

2. Washington Mutual

3. U.S. Century Bank

4. Western Bank

5. First National Bank of South Florida

6. Suntrust

7. Bank Atlantic

8. Banco Popular


10. PFF Bank & Trust

11. Wachovia

12. Citibank

13. Doral

14. Oriental Group

15. BBVA

16. First Bank de Puerto Rico

17. Money Express

18. Regions Bank

19. Chase

20 Colonial Bank

 Source: Portada Ad-Tracking

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