Automotive and personal care are the strongest contenders for the leading advertising category in Hispanic magazines in 2003. In the first 11 months, brands from these categories spent more than US $22 million each on advertising, according to research by HispanicMagazineMonitor. Total spending in all categories was US $131 million.

…and Spanish-language advertising leads over English.

According to research by Hispanic Magazine Monitor, 77% of advertising dollars spent during the first 11 months of 2003 in 58 U.S. magazines targeting Spanish-speaking audiences were spent on Spanish-language ads. Twenty-percent were spent on English-language ads and 3% were spent on ads featuring both Spanish and English. Despite the dominance of Spanish-language advertising in the top ten magazines (see box), there are major differences in spending among them. While 91% of advertising dollars spent in People en español were for Spanish-language ads (100% for Ser Padres, 100% for Selecciones, 97% for TV y Novelas), only 27% of advertising dollars spent in Hispanic Business were on Spanish-language ads (73% for English). Latina (52%) and Hispanic Magazine (59%) also spent more on English advertising.

In nearly all of the top 15 ad categories, more than 70% of advertising dollars were spent on Spanish-language ads. The exceptions were Non-profit organizations (31% English-language advertising), Apparel and Accessories (32%), Tobacco (47%) and Insurance Carriers and Agents (40%).


Portada Staff

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