Llewellyn Book Publishers Look to Hispanic Market for Growth

Llewellyn Book Publishers, a company devoted to mind, body, and spirit titles, is continuing to expand its market-reach to appeal to Hispanic audiences. The company, founded in 1901 in St. Paul, MN, publishes titles both in English and in Spanish, and promotes these titles through print and online media. The company began publishing Hispanic titles in 1995 and they currently account for 5.4% of total sales.

Llewellyn has a bi-monthly consumer magazine – New Worlds – that goes out to 43,000 consumers and is distributed free at 200 bookstores. “We also reach the trade with catalog mailings, bi-monthly e-newsletters and ads in “Criticas” supplements that appear in Library Journal,” says Jerry Rogers, Llewellyn's marketing manager.

The company coordinates catalog-mailings to bookstores using in-house lists and also by periodically purchasing lists of stores that have Spanish-language sections.

In addition to its regular website (https://www.llewellyn.com) the company also has a Spanish-language version of the site (https://www.llewellynespanol.com) where they promote their Hispanic titles.

“Right now our two dream books – Diccionario de los Suenos by Mario Jimenez-Castillo and Suenos, by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler are doing well,” says Rogers.