Unlike general market donor lists, which contain millions of NAMES?, Hispanic donor lists typically have only tens of thousands of NAMES. At the end of 2004, The Covenant House's Spanish Speaking list had only 30,800 12-month donors, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation had 54,891, Salesian Missions had 55,697 Spanish Speaking and Hispanic donors and The Association of Marian Helpers had 57,786.

Fundraising lists are rented by other fundraisers, as well as by providers of goods and services such as publishers. Spanish-language publications like Latina, Selecciones, International Masters Publishers, and Rodale have used both the Covenant House and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation lists.

The amount given by donors varies greatly from list to list. The average donation by Covenant House Spanish speaking donors is US $80. It's US $18 for Salesian Missions donors, US $10 for Cystic Fibrosis donors, and US $9.50 for The Association of Marian Helpers donors. Fundraisers, especially religious organizations, mail as often as every two to three months asking for donations starting as low as US $2-$3.

The Covenant House list is managed by America List Counsel (New Jersey), Cystic Fibrosis by RMI-Direct. Estee Marketing Group manages both Salesian Missions and The Association of Marian Helpers.

No clear trend

While Spanish-language magazine subscription lists have been growing (see “Mag subscriber lists, efficient tools for marketers,” page 22, Portada No. 12, Nov/Dec 2004), donor lists haven't shown clear signs of growth. Although the numbers of names on Cystic Fibrosis and The Association of Marian Helpers lists have grown, Covenant House and Salesian Missions lists have gotten smaller.

There are a number of possible reasons for declines, including decisions by some organizations not to put high dollar donors on the market. Last fall's presidential election could also have had an impact on donor lists since direct mailers tend to be less active during election times. General market fundraisers also had a challenging end of year.


Slightly more than half of Latino households make charitable contributions, compared to almost three quarters of all U.S. households. Lower purchasing power partly explains this gap. Another reason may be that charitable organizations need to do more to target Latinos and engage them in the U.S. philanthropic process. The main form of institutional giving among Latinos is the church, specifically the Roman Catholic Church. Protestant evangelical groups have also experienced growth in Latino membership and, in turn, an increase in charitable gifts.



Destacado: Average donations range from US$10 to US $80.


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