Let it Shine

In an effort to promote their energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs, ComEd has launched a Spanish-language campaign highlighting the cost-effectiveness of their use and a special discount program that they are offering. The television and radio campaign to support the effort was created by ComEd’s Hispanic advertising agency of record, the San Jose Group (SJG). ComEd frequently advertises in Hispanic newspapers.

Taking advantage of the chisme (gossip) that regularly takes place at beauty shops, the :30 executions feature a hairdresser gossiping to a client about how a man left her for something younger, that lasts longer and even saves money. Needless to say, the amusing banter reveals that the “her” they are gossiping about is the new CFL bulb. CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs and last up to 10 times as long. 

The San Jose Group was recently reappointed as the Hispanic advertising agency of record for Exelon and its operating companies, ComEd and PECO. As a result of the decision, SJG will continue to develop branding strategies and advertising executions for the company. This marks the continuation of a 12-year relationship between Exelon and SJG.

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