LatinClips and Papel Media Partner to Produce Ad-Measurement Tool

“TrueVal” calculates a story's value based on its actual size in comparison to the publication's advertising column inch cost. LatinClips' clients can select the ad equivalency feature optionally with any of their press clipping accounts.

“TrueVal represents the first in a line of evolving products at LatinClips that help clients measure the media results of their specialized marketing programs,” said LatinClips CEO Christine Clavijo-Kish. “This new tool will be especially useful to those communications professionals who are being increasingly pressured to use ad equivalency as one way to partially account for the effectiveness of their work.”

Since its inception in 2003, LatinClips has strived to deliver solid expertise in the Hispanic news and opinion-tracking sector. For its part- Papel Media coordinates national advertising buys and offers a unique ad spending database – “Papel Media Tracking System” specific to the U.S. Hispanic print market. The strategic partnership enables both companies to offer broader intelligence in the Hispanic marketing sector.

“In today's ROI-driven marketing world ‘TrueVal' will definitely shed more light on the overall value of campaigns and how clients can maximize the allocation of resources,” said John Trainor, CEO of Papel Media Network.

Size of story = Advertising cost

“Our new measurement product "TrueVal" specifically compares the actual size of the story with its equivalent advertising cost- we do not take into consideration the story's content as part of this evaluation. Since TrueVal is a quantitative measurement it simply states had the campaign been an advertising initiative- the cost for all these placements would have been $xxxxx.”, LatinClips CEO Christine Clavijo-Kish told Portada®.

"However, we know that this type of quantitative tool is not preferred by every practitioner or is appropriate for every campaign. So we're developing several other tools that will account for such data as number of brand mentions in the story, was the actual theme of the program conveyed, was it a positive presentation of the facts or the story, etc. Then our team would deliver an analysis of the effort based on our expertise in the Hispanic communications industry. That is actually the LatinClips edge- our broader knowledge and industry savvy."