Lateen Magazine Launches

Lateen Magazine debuted last week in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. The bimonthly, Hispanic teen magazine targets 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanic teens, both male and female.

It's one of the only publications targeting Hispanic boys. Armando Avila, Vice President of Publishing, says it's a myth that boys don't read and Lateen magazine is out to prove it.

The new pub will have an initial circulation of 7,000. "We plan to increase that to 20,000 by the 2nd issue," says Armando Avila, Vice President of Publishing. Finding a distributor has been difficult. Avila says they will distribute the first two issues themselves. "Distributors want to see that you're going to have the numbers before they'll take you on," explains Avila.

Lateen will be distributed in schools, libraries and community centers. Avila says content, written primarily in English, will focus on empowering teens through success stories, but will also cover music, entertainment and pop culture.

Advertisers in the first issue are mostly local, including 4-year colleges, clothing lines and music labels. The first two issues will be free. After that the magazine will cost $2.00 at the newsstand and $8.00 for an annual subscription.