On March 5th, Chicago's La Raza, (weekly, circ.194,000, Prensamerica Corp.), will launch La Raza Autos y Más, a free weekly auto magazine written in Spanish targeting Chicago's Hispanic auto consumer. The first issue will have between 32 and 40 pages, Richard Baase, general manager of the new publication tells Portadatm. Initially, Chicago car dealerships will be the main advertisers in the new publication. In the medium term, Baase hopes to cross-sell to national advertisers from La Raza. The Chicago market has around half a dozen publications targeting consumers interested in new and used cars, but La Raza Autos y Más will be the first to specifically target the Hispanic consumer. Its editorial coverage will include automobile buying and maintenance tips. La Raza Autos y Más will be published independent from the La Raza newspaper and will have a weekly circulation of 50,000 copies distributed in stores and honor boxes throughout Chicago. “With nearly 2 million Hispanics in Chicago, over 25 percent of the cars purchased this year will be by Latinos,” Robert Armband, CEO of PrensAmerica Corp, said in a press release.

Multicultural marketing by automobile companies has grown by about 11 percent over the last five years, according to Art Spinella, president of CNW Marketing Research (Bandon, Ore). Last year automotive companies spent about 9.8 percent of their marketing budgets on blacks, 16.2 percent on Hispanics and 3 percent on Asians. “Just about every major auto company has begun to realize it makes perfect sense to have culturally specific advertising,” Randi Payton, CEO of Detroit Based On Wheels Inc. recently told the Associated Press. On Wheels publishes the magazines Latinos on Wheels and African Americans on Wheels. Some marketers see a lot of potential for multicultural marketing of high-end cars (luxury vehicles). Toyota's James Lentz, advertising director for the U.S., noted that diversity marketing translates into more family oriented ads for both Asians and Hispanics. Hispanic advertising is generally “much more emotional,” he added.

…and a Hispanic print ad gets the prize.

On Wheels magazine gave awards to GlobalHue, the Chrysler group's multicultural agency, for two print advertisements chosen by online voters as the best Latino and black ads. The Spanish-language ad features a woman standing barefooted on the beach, wearing a sweater over a bathing suit and leaning against a Jeep Wrangler. A dog lies next to the tire.


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