La Prensa-Riverside (Riverside, CA, free weekly, circ. 44,917, VAC audited) recently joined Hispanic Newspaper Alliance of America, a Spanish-language newspaper ad-sales network represented by the print ad sales firm Metrosuburbia. La Prensa-Riverside is published by The Press-Enterprise, a Belo Corp. newspaper.
HNAA/Metrosuburbia targets mostly national advertisers by offering a coast-to-coast network of newspapers with a combined circulation of 1 million.

HNAA member newspapers include La Opinión (Los Angeles), el diario/La Prensa (New York) and La Raza (Chicago); all published by Impremedia, as well as the Knight Ridder papers El Nuevo Herald (Miami), Diario La Estrella (Dallas-Ft. Worth) and Nuevo Mundo (San Jose, CA). Other member papers include El Nuevo (NJ), Reflejos (Chicago), Al-Día (Dallas-Ft. Worth), Mi Estrella (Los Angeles), Enlace (San Diego), Hispanos Unidos (Houston), La Vibra (Houston) and La Voz de Houston. Open rate CPM (full page color) is US $48 for ABC audited newspapers and US $28 for non-ABC audited papers.

Daily duplication
As a selling point, Metrosuburbia highlights a 2003 Scarborough Research study that found that only 7.9% of La Opinión readers also read the Los Angeles Times, while 35% of El Nuevo Herald readers also read the Miami Herald and 13% of el diario/La Prensa readers (NYC) also read the New York Daily News.


Portada Staff

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