“Impremedia, which originally began as a network of Spanish-language newspapers, has been pretty aggressively moving away from thinking of ourselves as a group of newspapers and increasingly as a cross-platform media company,” Publisher Monica Lozano tells Portada.

With the acquisition of Rumbo, says Lozano, the company has added a lot more talented journalists and is leveraging that talent toward the aforementioned goal of becoming a multi-platform media company and content provider.

Currently, some of the company’s staff appear as regular guests on ESPN Radio, and Lozano says that the respective companies are looking into other ways to deepen that relationship. Impremedia is also providing sports content to Myspace Latino. In addition, the company is working with the NFL to attract more Hispanics to the already highly-popular sport.”

“As we make this transition from really being a publisher of newspapers to being a full-blown media company, we’re restructuring by allocating the resources that once went into the physical newspaper production into these new digital, mobile and broadcast platforms,” Lozano tells Portada. “And we’re trying to cut costs as much as possible in the process.”

Portada has known that Los Angeles daily La Opinion, owned by Impremedia, has laid off several members of its editorial team.


Portada Staff

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