La Opinión, better if minority owned?

The Lozano family, who owns a 50% stake in La Opinión, wants to find a buyer for Tribune´s 50% stake. Since large corporations tend to spend more advertising dollars in minority owned media outlets, Tribune´s divestiture may have a positive impact on La Opinión´s ad revenues. Tribune will not disclose financial data about La Opinión. Portada's estimation of the paper's value in “How much is La Opinion worth?” (page 3, Portadatm No. 6 November/December 2003) was probably too high. Portadatm assumed 20% EBITDA margins, however industry insiders quote EBITDA margins at La Opinión of between 5% and 10%. According to these insiders, Times Mirror, now owned by Tribune, bought a 50% stake in La Opinión for US $36 million in 1990.