La Guía Sur de Florida Self Publishes Under Vía Florida

La Guía Sur de Florida (Monthly, Dist.5,000) has completed its publishing agreement with La Guía Publishing Co., and is now self-publishing and being distributed as Vía Florida.

Omar Jiménez Cano, Publisher of Vía Florida, says that the split was a mutual agreement that developed after completion of their contract with La Guía expired.

Vía Florida is shifting its focus to cater to its predominately Andean audience. “Our readership primarily hails from Andean countries such as Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina, whereas La Guía's readership is mainly Central American. As such, our recent move toward self-publication will allow us to focus more on the interests of our audience, covering news, sports and technology, among other things.”

Jiménez Cano characterizes the editorial shift as “concentrating on more news-oriented subject matter, moving away from some of the more tabloid-style copy that we published under Guía Sur de Florida, and will generally be of more intellectual value. The coverage will be similar to what one encounters with the New York Times.

Distribution will remain the same, at approximately 5,000 copies per month, primarily subscription-based.