The Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram is merging its two Spanish-language newspapers La Estrella and La Estrella en Casa into one mostly home-delivered weekly publication called La Estrella en Casa.

Bill Vincent, Business Manager at La Estrella en Casa tells Portada that.the page count of the publication will increase by four pages. “We will add 4 pages for additional editorial. So, in addition to the regular Sports and Entertainment content, we will have local and national content relevant to our audience.” The circulation will stay at 100,000.

Vincent notes that there will be some reassignments on the personnel side “Duties will shift a bit for each member of our ad and editorial team.”

“We had La Estrella that was very well read in Fort Worth.  En Casa has been very successful and has solid readership in both Dallas and Fort Worth. With duplicate circulation in Fort Worth, we saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of efficiencies in Fort Worth, and take advantage of the success of our home-delivered product," says Vincent.

Approximately, 3,000 issues of La Estrella will be available in single-copy, with racks located in areas where readership and consumer demand is very strong. Asked whether some of the papers audience will not be able to get the newspaper anymore, Vincent answers, “This is always a possibility. But we have worked very hard to ensure that our En Casa product reaches every interested household. Readership studies have suggested we have been successful in doing this. And for those people who may not get it at their homes, we will direct them to where the stands are located.”

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