Kmart New Back-to-School Ad Campaign

The ad campaign, which carries the theme of “one product inspires the other,” consists of 15 and 30 second spots that target Hispanics gearing up for the busy back-to-school shopping season. The commercials are scheduled to run throughout the month of August. New York based Wing Latino is Kmart's U.S. Hispanic agency.

Sources at WingLatino tell Portada that “There are no print or DM components at this time. Our efforts focus on TV and radio only.” Kmart makes its weekly sales circular, the Kmart ROTO, available in Spanish to key Hispanic zip codes around their stores.

The creative concept behind the radio and TV campaign is based on insights that indicate how shoppers think about the products they purchase.

“A shopper may go into a Kmart store to buy a pair of jeans and while thinking about how much her boyfriend is going to admire her in them, she will remember to buy the perfume he loves for her to wear,” said Roberto Alcazar, Chief Creative Director of WingLatino. “With our campaign of ‘one product inspires the other', we connect with consumers because we present anecdotes from shoppers they can relate to as they prepare to make their back-to-school purchases.”

“We wanted the campaign to speak to our products from the perspective of the shopper,” said Jon Gieselman, VP – Advertising and Public Relations at Kmart. “The creative has a word-of-mouth feel and the narrative is very conversational, not unlike a story you may hear from a best friend or classmate. To make the campaign feel even more authentic we also limited our casting to real people instead of actors.”

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