As part of its pre-Democratic National Convention, $1 million Hispanic ad blitz, Kerry-Edwards ran its first print ad targeting Hispanic voters. The half-page ad, entitled “Unidos con Kerry, Nuestra esperanza para un futuro major” (United with Kerry, Our hope for a better future), included text about Kerry's commitment to Hispanics and pictures of Kerry and his wife. Ads were placed through the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) in member newspapers in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. According to Fabiola Rodriguez-Campoli, spokeswoman for the Kerry-Edwards campaign, Lorena Chambers at Airlington, VA, based ZGS Communications is running the Hispanic ad campaign. Rodriguez-Campoli said that more print ads targeting Hispanics were a possibility. Bush-Cheney, who according to spokeswoman Sharon Castillo has spent over 3.5 million on TV and Radio targeting Hispanics, declined to answer questions regarding their plans for Hispanic print.

Lyla Caballero, key account sales manager at El Nuevo Herald (Knight-Ridder, daily, circ. 88,329; Sunday 95,941, 2001 ABC audit, Spanish), said that the paper had run ads for local mayoral candidates and spoken with local chapters of the Democratic and Republican committees, but no ads for the presidential election had been placed. According to Caballero, it is still early. “Typically, newspapers don't see a lot of activity until 2 weeks before the election,” she explained.


Portada Staff

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