Jose Cuervo Dives into Silver Tequila Market

Jose Cuervo has decided to take on ultra-premium tequila brands like Patron and Corazon with its new product, Jose Cuervo Platino Reserva de La Familia. The product is a hand-made silver tequila that is being marketed as the Cuervo family’s secret blend.

The campaign is currently in its first phase, which began in September and will run through the spring. As part of this phase, they are running print ads in upscale national magazines like GQ and Men’s Vogue, as well as in local luxury magazines, like Angelino, Vegas, Gotham, and Ocean Drive.

“Right now, we are only running English-language print ads. We feel that this approach is sufficient for reaching or target clientele, though we are also considering some Spanish-language ads for the second phase of our campaign,” said Toby Whitmoyer, brand director for Jose Cuervo Portfolio, in an interview with Portada.

The creative for the present campaign was developed by NYC-based agency Arnel, while the buying is being handled by MediaCom.