Jerry Campagna Reflects on Reflejos

The last ten years have been quite a ride for the bilingual weekly Reflejos. To offer a brief timeline of events, when former President Jerry Campagna bought the paper in 1996, it was a 12-page Spanish-language paper with a monthly circulation of 5,000 copies; by 2000, the paper was at 18,000 copies per month and Campagna sold it to Paddock Publications, which publishes the general market paper the Daily Herald out of Arlington Heights, Illinois; in 2003, the paper moved to a weekly format, churning out 30,000 copies per week; today, Reflejos is a bilingual publication distributing  100,000 copies per week. “I like to say that it is a priceless paper,” says  Campagna, “meaning that it’s free.”

And while Campagna makes light of some of the steps in the Reflejos journey, the road to its present state has been paved by dedication to a business model that has client education at its core: “The consulting side of the business is something that has been integral to the Reflejos business model since I bought it. It’s not enough to just sell a client a full page ad and move on, in my view,” says Campagna. Instead he sells clients on what he calls the “Latino 3-Step” which consists of: 

1)      Staffing: Having Latinos on staff to interact with and service Hispanic clientele.

2)      Marketing Material: Having collateral produced for Hispanic clientele in a  relevant manner – not merely translated English copy.

3)      Event Marketing: to engage Hispanic consumers on a grass-roots level.

Now, as Campagna steps away from his role as President of Reflejos, he is going to focus his energies into his consultancy firm, MST Latino. Meanwhile, Reflejos, which currently generates over $2,000,000 in annual revenue, is looking for a new president to fill Mr. Campagna’s old post.