According to a new study released by Hispanic Business' research arm, HispanTelligence®, the growth in Hispanic print publishing may be nothing more than a bubble.

The study cites a high percentage of Hispanic purchasing power (21%) being concentrated in a very low percentage of Hispanic households (6%) as one of the bases for the claim.

Another basis for pessimism toward Hispanic print is the prospect of some of the larger players undercutting smaller ones by leveraging their larger circulations into advertising offers the smaller publications simply can't match.

Some analysts speculate that with increased acculturation among U.S. Hispanics, Spanish-language advertising investment will bow to bi-lingual advertising, which is a phenomenon already penetrating the general market. Others note, however, that the steady flow of Spanish-speaking immigrants will keep Spanish-language advertising vibrant.

The report does acknowledge impressive growth in the sector, pointing to a 15.4% jump in advertising dollars and a 17% increase in circulation year over year, but cautions against over-optimism in what it warns may be a “harder they come, harder they fall” situation.


Portada Staff

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