Insert media is gaining popularity as a Hispanic marketing tool and Rodale has been particularly active in the Hispanic insert media market. “They have placed magalogs (19-23 pages) and bookalogs (83 pages) in many Spanish newspapers across the country (see page 31) and have also tested Spanish-language co-ops and ride-alongs,” says Arlene Rosen, president of Ara Media Solutions.

Rosen, who brokers Spanish insert media for Rodale, is positive about the value of the Hispanic newspapers as a vehicle for insert media. “I see the Spanish-language newspaper market growing a lot faster than magazines or catalogs. There are still a couple of magazines that don't accept inserts and the total volume Spanish-language magazine inserts is far lower than newspapers. I'd like to see some Spanish catalogs accept inserts as blow-ins or integrate them into their outgoing packages.” Rosen says that it's much easier to fit different sizes of inserts into newspapers than into catalogs or magazines.

…how big is the market?

According to Jeff Holland, vice president of new media development at Singer Direct Inc., annual spending on general market insert media is around US $200 million, and generates over US $1 billion in revenue. In the Hispanic market, Rosen estimates an annual volume of approximately 3 million weekly newspaper blow-ins (156 million a year), 14 million co-ops and ride-alongs, and more than 4 million magazine blow-ins.


Portada Staff

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