After 10 years of publication, New York’s Spanish language newspaper Hoy (31,000, Spanish, daily) has shut its doors. According to Editor Javier Castano, he and his 16-member staff were fired on Tuesday, December 30.
Over the years, the paper has adjusted its market strategy on a couple of occasions, first when it switched from paid distribution to free distribution in 2006, and then when it changed its format after being purchased by Impremedia in 2007.
As publisher and CEO of Hoy New York, Jorge Ayala,  told Portada in February of 2008, “The paper has been reformatted editorially to focus more on local, sports and entertainment news and presented in a graphically colorful and appealing look, to meet the commuters’ needs of a 30-40 minute train or bus ride.”
Hoy’s advertising mix was 60% local / 40% national.
There is no word yet from Impremedia how this decision will affect the company's New York strategy and publication of El Diario/La Prensa.
Hoy will reportedly continue publishing online.
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