Spanish-language daily Hoy underwent a design modernization in January of this year to coincide with major personnel changes as well as a switch to free distribution in its Chicago and Los Angeles markets. The redesign of the paper, which was done in-house, carries throughout the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York editions.

Publisher Digby Solomon Diez says that the goal of the redesign was to make Hoy look more like a Spanish or Latin American tabloid. He further says that the front page was being made over to eliminate the old "goal post" appearance. The new front page has many more and varied graphics and an overall sleeker look. Mr. Diez also said that the paper looked too gray in the past, and that typographic changes led the way to the new, livelier design which includes sans serif typeface for headlines mixed with a serif typeface.

Hoy's redesign does indeed make reading every part of the paper more enjoyable. For example, whereas the Faràndula section used to have any number of short entries printed at the top of the page in print best read through a microscope, all reports in that part of the paper are now presented in a larger typeface. The Corporate Communications office of Hoy's parent company, The Chicago Tribune, reports that though to date they have not conducted formal surveys regarding the reception of the redesign, reader and advertiser reaction has been favorable and surveys will be undertaken later this year.

…and another redesign.

Hearst Corp., owned by The Houston Chronicle (circ. 554,783, Sundays 737, 580), is in the process of redesigning the recently acquired Spanish-language weekly La Voz and plans to re-launch the paper by this summer.


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