Foreign (mostly US and European) advertising orders are an important source of revenue for Latin American publishers. How large is the volume of this market? Sources at Miami based Editorial Televisa Internacional told Portada® that in 2004 the company took in an estimated US $7 million in panregional advertising revenues, including advertising insertions in magazines that Televisa publishes in more than one Latin American country. Additionally, Televisa made approximately US $10 million in advertising revenues from US based advertisers who bought ads in single Latin American markets (advertising in one country as opposed to many countries). Depending on the year, ad spending coming from Europe is between US $0.5 and $3 million.

If we assume that Televisa gets about 40% of “foreign” ad spending in Latin American magazines (other important players include Miami based Conde Nast Americas, sales done through the Charney & Palacios/Publicitas Latin America ad-sales network, and panregional business magazines including América Economía, Latin Trade, Latin Finance, Harvard Business Review Latin América, etc.), we get a total figure of approximately US $46.25 million.

To obtain the overall figure for advertising in panregional print media we have to include newspaper advertising as well. There are two main players in this field: Grupo de Diarios America (GDA), a company created by fourteen leading Latin American dailies (13 Spanish-speaking countries and Brazil) and The Wall Street Journal Américas. GDA has grown a lot in the past few years and has annual revenues in the high seven figures. The Wall Street Journal Américas sells advertising in bannered pages of The Wall Street Journal that appear daily or weekly in 21 newspapers (total circ. 2,377,000) in 18 Latin American countries. Portada® estimates that combined advertising sales for GDA and The Wall Street Journal Américas are around US $15-$20 million. Assuming these two organizations make up 80% of the panregional newspaper advertising market, we get a panregional newspaper ad-sales figure of between US $18.75 and $25 million. By combining panregional magazine and newspaper advertising (ad-sales origined outside of Latin America) we get a total figure of US $65 to $71 million.

Panregional advertising market (in US $ millions)







Source: Portada® estimates


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