Tribune is attempting to create a national newspaper network with the Hoy brand.

The soon-to-be-launched Hearst Diversión weekly newspaper inserts as well as the new El Diario/La Prensa-La Raza-El Nuevo Herald-La Opinión advertising sales alliance (see page 12) are also attempts to increase the reach of newspapers to the level of a few Hispanic national magazines and, of course, Hispanic radio and TV outlets. How are magazine publishers reacting to advances by Spanish language newspaper publishers?

Lisa Quiroz, publisher of People en Español, recently announced that the magazine will further increase its guaranteed ratebase to 425,000 in January 2004. “This has been another stellar year for People en Español, especially in terms of ad sales and revenue growth,” Quiroz said. “Our record numbers continue to support that we are the premiere print vehicle for reaching all segments of the Hispanic market.”


Portada Staff

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