Hearst owned Spanish-language weekly La Voz is going to increase its circulation from 100,000 to 150,000 in the second half of 2012. La Voz is published by The Houston Chronicle “in the first quarter we are launching Phase 1 which is a re-allocation of where we distribute the paper,” Loida Ruiz, Sales Manager at The  Houston Chronicle, tells Portada.

“We've identified low performing areas of town and areas that have changed and where we need to increase distribution. These are areas with a high advertiser demand as well as a high quality Hispanic score. We will be increasing the distribution of La Voz in the second half of 2012 from 100,000 to 150,000. This is to meet the new readership needs,” Ruiz adds. Looking for a safer environment than Mexico, over the last few years, affluent Mexican immigrants have entered the Houston area.

“Another recent change is that we are now being audited by ABC like The Houston Chronicle,” says Ruiz

Stront ad-categories

According to Ruiz “the pharmaceutical companies seem to be making a come-back. We saw a definite increase in that category in 2011 and it looks like it will continue in 2012. The Retail category is always strong, as is the Automotive.”

“Budweiser continues to be one of our largest advertisers, both in print and in digital. Crest started a very aggressive Hispanic campaign in 2011 that looks like it's continuing in 2012,” Ruiz concludes.


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