La Voz, the weekly Spanish-language newspaper published by The Houston Chronicle (Hearst) is moving to Sunday newspaper distribution starting October 11. Until now La Voz (circ. 100,000) had been distributed on Wednesdays.

Loida Ruiz, Advertising Sales Director for Spanish-language publications at The
Houston Chronicle
tells Portada that Sunday is a strong distribution day for the The Chronicle (La Voz parent newspaper). “Thus we feel that our advertising clients will benefit in both ROP and FSI’s”. From an editorial perspective Ruiz adds that La Voz is expanding coverage of weekend sports and weekend news in general.

From an advertisers perspective the jury is still out on whether they prefer weekend distribution or mid week distribution. The answer lies in the type of advertising. Many retailers like to distribute coupons and FSI advertising during the week so that consumers can take advantage of their offers on Thursday, Fridays or over the weekend. A newspaper distributed over the weekend is more fitting for “weekend activity advertisers” like movies, theatres, restaurants etc.

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