HNAA strikes deal with Metrosuburbia

In an effort to pursue general market advertising dollars, “Hispanic Newspaper Alliance of America” (HNAA) signed a deal with Metrosuburbia Inc. (MSI), a New York based newspaper advertising sales company owned by Newhouse Newspapers. Metrosuburbia will have the exclusive national ad sales representation rights for the network's four member newspapers: Los Angeles's La Opinion, New York's el diario/La Prensa, Miami's El Nuevo Herald and Chicago's La Raza. Dallas/ Fort Worth based daily Al Día is currently negotiating to become part of the network.

“HNAA” held meetings with four major national newspaper advertising sales organizations (Newspapers First, Landon Media Group Publicitas North America and Metrosuburbia), before settling on Metrosuburbia says Carol Mintz, vice president of advertising at La Opinion>

“HNAA” will be launched officially within the next few weeks. Mintz tells Portadatm that the network's goal is to grow circulation to a million. Robert Schoenbacher, president of Metrosuburbia, tells Portadatm that his organization is looking to bring more Hispanic papers into the network. “These can be daily or weekly newspapers written in Spanish, English or both.”

“Many advertisers want to advertise but don't know what the message should be,” says La Opinion's Mintz. Branding, language choice and media-mix are still huge question marks for many advertisers who want to move into Hispanic newspapers and maga-zines. “Through our joint effort with Metrosuburbia we will show the value of the Hispanic reader in terms of lifestyle and psychographics,” Mintz says. “We have been partnering for many years with Hispanic agencies. The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies has done a great job. Our new partnership with a general market newspaper sales organization is going to help all of us.”

Working with large national newspaper advertising sales organizations like Metrosuburbia could have potential as a strategy to increase the overall volume of the Hispanic print media ad market. “Mainstream” advertisers and general market agencies tend to rely on print media advertising more than Hispanic advertising agencies and brands that already buy space in Hispanic print media. While print media advertising (newspapers and magazines excluding direct mail and yellow page advertising) makes up less than 15% of the advertising volume in the Hispanic market, that ratio is close to 40% for the general market. “Through the Metrosuburbia deal we will increase our footprint in the marketplace, making the pie bigger for Hispanic print media,” says Cesar Pizarro, business manager at El Nuevo Herald.

Blended CPMs

Metrosuburbia will not have the rights to all national accounts. According to El Nuevo Herald's Pizarro, the deal doesn't include accounts in which the four papers are already strong. Metrosuburbia's Schoenbacher sees automotive, travel, packaged goods and telecommunications as the “most promising categories.” Metrosuburbia will offer advertisers a “blended CPM” which takes into account the national rates and circulations of each member newspaper.

According to Pizarro, Newspapers First, the advertising sales firm that works for The Miami Herald will continue to work for The Miami Herald and, in some cases, might cross-sell advertising to El Nuevo Herald. Approximately 11% of The Miami Herald´s ad sales are also placed in El Nuevo Herald.