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Hispanics Love Direct Mail Says New Vertis Study [2-A]

Hispanics Love Direct Mail Says New Vertis Study


Baltimore-based Vertis Communications' 2007 Customer Focus Study shows that Hispanics are highly responsive to Direct mail. Among Hispanics, females are more responsice than males. As Scott Marden, director of marketing research for Vertis told Portada: "Hispanic women (75%) are more likely to read direct mail than Hispanic men (67%), but the total number of responders in the past 30 days is equal among Hispanic men and women (45% visited a Web site, telephoned, replied via mail or visited the nearest location as a result of direct mail)."

One of its findings was that while overall direct mail response remained flat, the number of Hispanics who responded to direct mail marketing spiked from 38% in 2003 to 54% in 2007.

The low volume of direct mail targeting Hispanics is often credited with the higher response rates coming from that segment. Vertis’ Marden cites a couple of other factors that might account for the discrepancy in response rates: "The average age of a Hispanic direct mail responder is 35, while the U.S. average is 44 for responders. Also, the percentage of Hispanics planning to relocate, get married, have a baby, or buy a new home is significantly higher than that of non-Hispanics and their propensity to experience these important life events correlates with their responsiveness."

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