Portada talked to Hispanic publishers and asked them how 2009 has started. A look at Florida, Illinois, and Colorado.


Florida was one of the first states hit by the recession back in 2006. Advertisers and newspapers have been adjusting to falling national and local – classified advertising (particularly in real estate). Just last week, La Prensa (weekly, Impremedia) stopped publication in Tampa. The publication, led by publisher Dora Toro, continues to be published in the Orlando market, which historically has been its stronghold. Other newspapers that recently ceased being published include Gaceta Tropical in Ft. Myers and Vision Latina in Lakeland.

Luis Eduardo Baron, publisher of Tampa newspaper 7 Dias tells Portada that lately national advertising has shown a pick up, particularly in the financial sector (e.g. banks). On March 16, TvNetproductions, the publisher of 7 Dias (Spanish, weekly, circ. 23,000) is going to publish La Voz Hispana (circ, 10,000 monthly, which formerly was published in Spanish) as a bilingual newspaper in the Tampa area. TvNetproductions intends to reach more acculturated Hispanics who earn an income between $40,000 – $80,000.



In Denver, Viva Colorado (Spanish, weekly, circ. 60,000), published by the Denver Newspaper Agency, which is owned by Media News Group and Scripps recently launched a Service Directory which attracted local advertising. Viva Colorado has also been getting national advertising from companies including StateFarm and Mission Foods as well as FSI´s from DirecTV.


¨We need to get a few more months to really see” says Linda Siete, Manager, Sales & Operations at Airlington Heights (Chicago suburb), Illinois, bilingual weekly Reflejos.

Advertisers still have to advertise because they still need to move their product, so we’ve been taking a more collaborative approach, saying “How can we work together to meet your goals.”

Looking down the road to other venues. Health and wellness, for example, is a hugely important area for Hispanics,, Siete say so what we’ve done is put together a health and wellness newsletter that goes directly to homes, twice a year, in March and September. Advertisers have included health and wellness clinics, park districts, colleges, YMCAs, personal trainers.

“Banks are continuing to invest, as are home improvement and Health categories. Education is huge to us, and lawyers are also quite active. 

Builders are suffering, and the auto industry has been devastated. But again, they have to do something, so we are seeing how we can work with them.”

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