Hispanic Newspapers Reap Benefits Publishing Soccer World Cup Supplements

An in-depth survey about the 2006 Soccer world cup supplements of more than 10 Hispanic newspapers:


Page count



Content provider

Vida en el Valle (Mc Clatchy, Fresno and Modesto/Stockton/Sacramento, CA)

Insert in tabloid format (32 pages)

May 31st Weekly coverage in sports section

Food Maxx, RJHill Homes, PMZ Real Estate, Family Lending Center, Phifer, Suntex shading fabric, Cricket, Golden Credit Union, Lightspeed Real Estate Services, Manteca Trailer & Camper, Inc.

In-house, Efe and AP, in that order.

La Voz (Ashland Media-Gannett)

Insert. 28-32 page edition

Each Wednesdayduring 6 weeks.

General Motors, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Pepsi

El Universal from Mexico City

Impacto USA

Insert. (Page count tbd)

June 3rd & July 15th

Retail & Financial

Sammy's Camera & Wells Fargo

In-house. Efe & Reforma


(La Opinion, La Raza, Diario La Prensa, El Mensajero, Orlando and Tampa (La Prensa) – In addition Dallas Al Dia (Belo Corp.)

10 weekly supplements covering each group 12 to 24 pages depending

on the market – (LA is 24).

The Brindis de Gloria magazine (46 pages, glossy, full color)

One for the draw, one about

each group (A-H – April 14-June 2) and wrap up

'Brindis de Gloria', July 17th.

Three title sponsors: Moneygram, Best Buy, Bud Light. In addition: Dodge, Intel, Verizon Wireless…

In-house, EFE. 3 Impremedia reporters will be in Germany

(2 from LA and 1 from NY).

Que Pasa (Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro / Winston Salem, NC, Que Pasa Corporations)

Insert. 40 pages Full color tabloid.

Weekly. (Thurs) April 6th through July 13th

Corona, Compare Foods, MoneyGram

In-house sports editors and graphic designers.

Tiempos del Mundo

(Noticias Panamerica)

Pull-out. 24 pages. Two 12-page sections. to run in two separate issues.

June 8th June 15th


Same as main newspaper.

The Lab

Ideas. Text and photos

licensed by AFP news agency.

Vida Latina (Southeast: Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina)

Insert. Four page center spread.

May issue

ADT and Caracolillo Coffee

Newswires, In-house additions and edits.

Ahora Si! (Cox Newspapers, Austin, TX)

8-12 preview edition (part of main publication)

June 8th and thereafter.



reporter in Germany covering the tournament. Newswires.

A two week series: Next week look for El Nuevo Herald, Hoy Newspapers, Al Dia Filadelfia, New York Post, NY-Daily News, La Palma and more ….