Hispanic Newspapers Hold Strong Political Sway

According to a recent telephone study released by Ethnic Print Media Group, approximately 84% of Hispanics are more likely to vote for a candidate if that candidate reaches out to them through their local community paper.

The study also revealed a high percentage of Hispanics – 77% – who said that they would be voting in the next election, a much higher percentage than the typical voter turnout, which hovers around 50%.

The study also found Hispanics to be more trusting of newspapers (79%) than of radio (15%) and TV (4%). When asked why he thought Hispanic papers seem to hold so much more influence than TV or radio and television, senior vice president of EPMG Trevor Hansen commented, “Hispanic newspapers reach directly out into the community. They cater to very specific groups of people. One paper might be speaking to just the Salvadorean community within a city. So the messaging is highly-targeted.”

Over 88% said that editorial coverage and advertising in their Hispanic community newspaper swayed their voting decisions.

The survey was conducted among readers of Hispanic newspapers in the Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston markets. The purpose of the study was to identify the relationship between advertising, editorial content and political motivations.