What: Hispanic newspapers confirm that holding events allows them, and the brands supporting them, get closer to their readers and consumers.
Why it matters: Many Hispanic newspapers rely on events to sell a significant portion of their advertising and provide their advertisers with the possibility to connect directly with their customers to generate engagement and support monetization efforts.

Hispanic newspapers throughout the United States are working on organizing events during the year both to connect with their readers and monetize their brands. “For organizations like the National Association of Hispanic Publishers, events create partnerships which help to ensure that events are beneficial to members and the partners and also help fund our mission: to educate, advocate and train everyone,” says Martha Montoya, publisher at El Mundo Communications.

Ellis Natalia Garcia, Marketing Manager Hispanic at The Dallas Morning News.
Ellis Natalia Garcia, Marketing Manager Hispanic at The Dallas Morning News

Ellis Natalia Garcia, Marketing Manager Hispanic at The Dallas Morning News explains how more and more, the paper is realizing that their clients are looking for more than just traditional media.

Additionally, the cost of an event is far less than the value we can provide.

Experts agree that holding events is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Newspapers get closer to the readers, inviting them to specific events whose content resonates with them. Brands get to connect with very specific customers instead of reaching out to a random mass of readers. Readers get to speak out and suggest content that they are hoping to get from the paper and advertisers.

“Events are an incredibly important part of the value and ROI that newspapers, particularly Hispanic newspapers, can offer to clients to drive their sales and build brands,” says Cara Marcano, CEO at Reporte Hispano. “They promote shared values. They remind people about why they should care, and that a content play should be done with a trusted media partner- with a real media brand, like a community newspaper that stands for something.”

What Advertisers Are Looking For

Greg Anthony
Greg Athony, SVP Sales at re:fuel

According to Greg Athony, SVP Sales at re:fuel, when his team goes out to the market, it wants to sell to local newspapers that are in contact with the community. “You want to have all platforms as local touch points for your advertiser.” And events become more relevant because “they give brands a way to speak directly with the consumers. Direct to the user.”

“Regional advertisers are trying to get messages out there instead of just having a quarter newspaper ad. Passing a pamphlet during an event is a great way to layer in different touch points in the local community,” he ads.

Marcano agrees that “events are profitable for media buyers because they drive sales and real primary data to clients.”

Cara Marcano, CEO at Reporte Hispano.
Cara Marcano, CEO at Reporte Hispano.
There is nothing like that in-person connection.

To offer media buyers a more attractive deal, The Dallas Morning News uses experiential marketing to reach audiences that want to engage with them and their clients in a fun, non-traditional way. “Whether they sponsor an event that we plan and execute, host us for an event at their business locations, or sponsor our activation at a community event, we are able to give them a unique experience that helps them meet their objectives,” explains Garcia.

The most important thing advertisers need for a successful event media buy is to make sure that publishers are aware of their attendees’  profiles. “You have to be very specific when analyzing the community you are targeting: average income level, age, occupation… Local newspapers need to be owners of their local community,” believes Anthony.

No matter what kind of event you are planning, at the end of the day, the key is to “always think about what your brand and revenue objectives are,” recommends Garcia.

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