TSJ News launched La Jornada Latina, a Spanish-language monthly paper geared toward Pittsburgh's Latino and Hispanic populations. The cover of the 40-page February edition proclaimed it a "Nueva voz de los hispanos" (New voice of the Hispanics).

"We look at it as an opportunity to jump-start the community," says Wiles, co-owner of La Jornada Latina's publisher, TSJ News. Wiles says much of the cultural infrastructure to support a Spanish paper is in place in Pittsburgh. "Our newspaper gives [the people] a chance to connect the dots."

The paper is distributed free at more than 150 sites; Wiles says he'll print a minimum of 5,000 copies for each issue.

Though the paper is based in Pittsburgh it promises to cover Washington and Butler counties as well. It's also online at tsjnews.com.

Almost all of the content is in Spanish, but it's not all about Pittsburgh.

For aspiring polyglots, La Jornada offered one article (a story about the transition to digital television) side by side, in both English and Spanish.

The paper is already published in Detroit, Dayton, Columbus, Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

Source: Pittsburgh City Paper


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