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Health is wealth: Hispanic Women’s Health Magazines Gain Traction

Growing sector in women’s magazines, apart from entertainment, is women’s health.


A growing sector in women’s magazines, apart from entertainment, is women’s health. The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation announced the launch of Mujer Total (Total Woman), a 20-page, Spanish-language magazine that provides practical tips and helpful information encouraging women to live a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their babies should they become pregnant.

In addition to warning against unhealthy habits, the publication also reinforces the positive behaviors that Latino women display in greater numbers that other racial and ethnic groups, such as breastfeeding their babies and not smoking. Mujer Total was developed with the support of The NC Division of Public Health. This and other English and Spanish health educational materials can be ordered in bulk for free on the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation's website at

Toda Mujer, the largest Hispanic healthcare patient-education publication in the U.S.A. and sister-publication to Every Woman, includes healthy recipes, health and wellness guides, celebrity interviews and an annual screening guide. It also features a special section on parenting. The publication is currently available through healthcare providers and also through subscription. Toda Mujer plans to focus its efforts on increasing subscriptions and making their publication available at newsstands. The price for a two-copy annual subscription is $4.99.

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