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Grassroots, Mission-driven Teen Mags Experience Steady Growth

Latinitas, Teen Voices,


Teen Voices and Latinitas, two growing web-focusedLatina and multi-culturalteen magazines, are expanding and looking to develop partnerships with advertisers. Boston based Teen Voices, (English, 50,000 circulation, bi-annual) pub with monthly web publication is written by and for teen girls. Distribution is through hospitals, schools, and community organizations. It is supported through membership fees, grants and institutional advertising.

The organizationi was founded as a non-profit organization in 1988 and launched the publication in 1991.
Teen Voices was initially a quarterly, but found that web-publication is easier and more widely used by teens. They are looking to develop partnerships with advertisers, butare adamant about finding advertisers thatdon't exploitwomen: no make-up, fashion orother beauty products.They are also looking to develop social networking sites, Tori Costa, marketing director, tells Portada®.

Austin-based Latinitas was launched in 2003 as a web-based publication to empower teen and pre-teenLatinas.Co-founders Alicia Rascon and Laura Donnelly plan to launch a quarterly print publication in 2007: "A lot ofthe girls we work with aren't on-line. Magazines are a big source of entertainment and information for them."Latinitasis currently working on developing partnerships with advertisers. Donnelly says Latinitas currently has between 9-10,000 unique users per month, 75% of them from U.S. cities and the rest living internationally. They plan to launch the website again this year with a national pr campaign.

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