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Governor Mitt Romney—so far the only Republican candidate to seriously court the Hispanic vote— is continuing his campaign to win the hearts and minds of Hispanic voters, and last Friday granted an exclusive interview to Miami’s Diario Las Americas.

In the interview, the Governor discusses the need for Republicans to get their act together on ethics, taxes and spending.  He also discusses immigration, stressing the importance of reforming the current system through an employment verification system without diminishing legal immigration. 

On foreign policy, he outlines his Global Initiative for Values and Freedom.  Lastly, on Latin America, he says he would seek to strengthen our ties with the leaders of Mexico and Brazil and praised Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, despite having difficult neighbors in Hugo Chavez, Ecuador President Rafael Correa and Bolivia's President Evo Morales.  He also stresses that Congress must move forward on the free trade agreement with Colombia.

In the past, Romney has reached out to Hispanic voters through radio interviews and on the web, at one point having his son do a Spanish-language video on why the governor would make a good president.

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