Gannett Newspapers to hand deliver Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Alternate delivery systems will become more important for many weekly magazines and community newspapers if the United States Postal Service goes through with its proposal to eliminate Saturday delivery. An example of an alternate delivery system is Bloomberg Businessweek’s partnership with Gannett to hand deliver the magazine in 21 different markets.

The partnership just got expanded to 13 more markets. The Bloomberg Businessweek-Gannett partnership will introduce Expedited Morning Delivery (via Gannett’s newspaper delivery apparatus) to new markets including Asheville, N.C.; central Wisconsin; Cincinnati; Indianapolis; and Ithaca and Rochester, N.Y., by the end of July 2013. Customers who receive Businessweek via the Gannett partnership will get their magazines in a polybag delivered with their newspaper or on their doorstep if they’re not a subscriber, Businessweek President Paul Bascobert told Poynter.

An alternative to U.S. Postal Service delivery, the Expedited Morning Delivery service is designed to put Bloomberg Businessweek in the hands of subscribers on the earliest day at the earliest delivery time possible, often one or two days earlier than the U.S. mail.