Fronteras to Offer National Buy

Syndicated paper Fronteras ( 200,000, weekly, Spanish) now published in 22 markets, is planning on taking advantage of its considerable reach to offer advertisers a national buy. As publisher Kerry Slagle notes, “We do not sell national advertising now, but as our network of markets grows, we will start selling national advertising into the entire network, working with our publishing partners.”

The full-color weekly currently has eight of its 32 pages dedicated to local and national advertising. Fronteras describes itself as a paper that “enables Hispanic readers to feel inspired by and connected to their cultural roots while also keeping them informed about what's going on in their 'new' hometowns.”

Fronteras combines lifestyle stories with national and world news as well as customized local news, events and information. Editorial content is produced by a joint venture between Danilo Black and Universal Press Syndicate. Each weekly edition allocates eight pages to national and local advertisements, which are sold through the local partner newspaper.

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