Fronteras de la Noticia, a 100% Spanish-language weekly newspaper, will increase the number of editions in selected areas of the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. “By July, we will have 10 newspapers in operation,” says Kent Kirschner, general manager of Fronteras de la Noticia. Fronteras, a 100% Spanish-language weekly newspaper with 24 pages of full-color, ready-to-print editorial content, combines national and world news with customized local news and information. Eight pages are allocated for national and local ads, which are sold by each partner publication. Fronteras is co-produced by Universal Press Syndicate and Danilo Black and distributed by partner newspapers. Fronteras' editorial offices are located in Guanajuato (Mexico).

Fronteras is currently published by the Albuquerque Journal (110,000 daily, 160,000 Sunday, owned by the Lang family) in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM, The Times Record News (Scripps, 34,076 daily, 38,104 Sunday) in Wichita Falls, TX, and La Prensa Hispana (Culturas Publications, weekly, circ. 25,000, written in Spanglish) in Columbus, OH.

Fronteras is marketing its product to daily publications that are looking to target the Hispanic market but don't have the resources to produce a quality publication. General market publishers who have had trouble finding Spanish-language journalists have also expressed interest in a publication like Fronteras.

Fronteras is customized for each individual market by incorporating local coverage provided by the carrier paper. Local content is then translated and edited by the Fronteras team. Ultimately Kirschner hopes to offer national advertisers wide reach through a national network of Fronteras newspapers.

…paid “experiment” in Albuquerque

On January 6th of this year, a company owned by the Albuquerque Journal, (owned by the Lang Family, 110,000 daily, 160,000 Sunday) began publishing Fronteras as a stand-alone paid publication. The 25,000 circulation New Mexico Fronteras costs US $0.25 and is distributed in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and in areas North of Santa Fe (83% sold or picked up by people). In an interview with Portada®, Brian Fantl, general manager of the Joint Operating Agreement between the Albuquerque Journal and the Albuquerque Tribune (Scripps Howard, 6 days/week, 14,000), explained that Fronteras de la Noticia is sold in Hispanic owned local stores and that store owners keep the proceeds. The publication is also distributed at other retail locations and through racks. Readers can choose to pay or take the publication for free. “By officially pricing the publication at US $0.25, it establishes in the readers mind that this is a product they have to pay for,” says Fantl.

The Fronteras' team in Guanajuato (Mexico) produces 28 pages of editorial content. The Albuquerque Journal adds two pages of local copy, which is written in English and then translated and integrated into the editorial style of the rest of the publication by the Fronteras team. The Albuquerque Journal pays Fronteras a flat fee of US $1,000 per week/issue.

Currently, the Fronteras edition published by The Albuquerque Journal contains 3 pages of ads. A full-page ad in Fronteras costs US $828 (CPM US $59.10). “We have one sales person dedicated to selling ads in Fronteras,” says Fantl. Eventually Fantl wants to produce 32 pages, including 7 ad pages. Current advertisers include local grocery stores, car lots, carnicerias (butchers), and panaderias (bakeries). Help wanted ads for call centers located in Albuquerque (e.g. MCI and Victoria's Secret) are another important revenue driver.


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