Freedom Communications Looking to Optimize National Ad-Sales Strategy for Rio Grande Valley Papers

Freedom Communications, the publisher of 12 Hispanic publications nationwide is looking to improve the way it sells national and regional advertising in its Rio Grande Valley Publications, which include two dailies and two weeklies.

Susan Durchin, the Colorado Springs-based new business development director for Freedom Community Newspapers, notes, “We are investigating a national representative firm for the Rio Grande Valley. The Rio Grande Valley is a very important market for Hispanics.”

In Rio Grande Valley Freedom publishes two dailies – La Frontera ( circ. 8,522) and El Nuevo Heraldo, (circ. 7,409) and two weekly Hispanic newspapers – El Extra (every Friday, circ 58,500 TMC product) and TV y Todo (circ. 13,000).

Freedom Communications' Hispanic newspapers mostly operate independently. “It is fairly decentralized so each property makes its own decisions; however corporate is involved before a product rollout in an advisory capacity,” Durchin notes.

Growth opportunity in Community Newspapers

Community newspapers are one of the few parts that are growing in the newspaper market. “As the Hispanic population grows in the US, their interest in products catering to their needs and interest grows. We have seen increased advertising from advertisers as well as distribution demand from the market readers,” says Durchin.

In Rio Grande Valley, Freedom Communications publishes:

El Extra, published Friday, 58,500 (Total Market Coverage Product)

La Frontera ( Daily, 8,522)

El Nuevo Heraldo,(Daily 7,409)

TV y Todo (Brownsville, TX, weekly 13,000)

In other parts of the US, Freedom Communications publishes:

El Semanario, (Odessa, TX), Weekly, 12,000)

La Estrella, (Shelby, NC) Bi weekly 5,000)

La Voz de Alamance (Burlington, NC, Bi weekly-Thursdays 6,000)

Fronteras de la Noticia (Clovis, NM, Weekly, 8,000)

Excelsior (Orange County, Fridays, 60,000)

La Prensa del Mojave (Victorville, CA, Saturdays, 10,000)

Noticiero Semanal (Porterville, CA, Friday, 25,400)

Bajo El Sol (Yuma, AZ, Friday, 21,000)