Focus On: Jim Leon talks about Comida y Familia’s direct mail strateg

What 3rd party advertisers do you have in Comida y Familia? We do not disclose details about our business partners.

You mentioned that 70% of C&F recipients are permission-based? How do
 you reach the other 30%?
We have developed a proprietary Hispanic method that we use to reach additional Spanish dominant households.

Do you rent your lists? It is our policy not to rent out our lists.  We do offer advertisers the chance to include inserts in the magazine and they can customize distribution of the insert which may include zip code, HHI, or other criteria. 

 Is Comida & Familia only available through the mail or are there other
distribution points?
The vast majority of magazines are distributed via mail. Consumer also can long on to to subscribe to the magazine as well.  At times we do provide the magazine at grassroots events.

 How does the magazine's website align with the print edition? How is it different?
Our website is the #1 Spanish language food site. It includes all the recipes that you find in our magazines plus many more. Our website also has many additional added features that offer consumers valuable information on healthy living such as a meal planner and provides nutritional information on all our recipes. Consumers also can rate recipes and share their favorite recipes with us.

Can you envision C&F being included as an insert in Hispanic newspapers?  We are always open to looking at new ideas; however this is not something we are currently exploring at this time.

Do you ever receive suggestions from your readers? What sort? Kraft Kitchens develops the majority of our recipes.  However, on occasion we do feature some reader recipes.  In fact, we have recently asked readers to provide us with their cooking and kitchen tips for us to showcase in an upcoming edition of the magazine. We also conduct research with every issue of Comida y Familia so are continuously gaining reader feedback on the magazine.

Do you insert coupons into your publication? What approximate response rate do they garner? At times we have inserted coupons for our products.  However our response rates are proprietary.  We also have enabled advertisers to include coupons in the magazine.

Which types of coupons (in terms of category) tend to be more successful? We consider this information to be proprietary.  In general we have been pleased with the results of our various coupon offerings.