A Q&A with Mike Cano, Marketing Director of Impremedia. Cano has launched dailies (Al Dia – Dallas) and led many weeklies (Impacto USA, Excelsior etc…) during his career

Portada: What conditions have to be in place to launch a weekly in the Hispanic market?

Mike Cano: I feel the most important conditions that need to be in place to launch a weekly is to have a large enough Hispanic population to get critical mass in readers and advertisers. If you have loyal readers, advertisers will certainly follow.

P: What conditions have to be in place to launch a daily?

MC: To launch a daily, the best condition is to be in a major market with the potential to support the product. However, when I launched Al Dia Dallas, the key for me was having the right people with whom to do it.

P: You know the Dallas/Ft. Worth market very well. Do you think it was a good idea for Diario La Estrella to change to weekly frequency?

MC:  No I don’t think it was a good idea. The Dallas market is large enough for two dailies. Additionally, I believe the competitive element of having 2 dailies in the market was healthy for the industry.

P: What is the advantage of being a weekly vs. being a daily?

MC: The biggest advantage of a daily is the frequency that you can offer readers and advertisers.

P: Do FSI advertisers like weeklies more than dailies or the other way round and why?

MC: I believe advertisers like them both as long as they deliver the readers.


Portada Staff

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