FAMA Reconsiders Title for Insert

Fama magazine, published by Miami based Osmo Publishing, recently launched the new insert Mujeres Al Volante, which made its first appearance inside Fama's August issue (circ. 120,000 – 18,000 subscribers, the rest newsstand sales and controlled circulation at events). Although publishers initially toyed with the name “Fama al Volante,” in the end they decided to bet on their women readers' interest in cars. “Most of the time, it's the women who are making the decision to buy a car for the family,” said Al Vazquez, editor of Fama. Sixty percent of Fama subscribers are women. Along with the insert, readers will be offered a free subscription to Mujeres al Volante. A full page ad in the insert costs US $5,000 (CPM US $41.70, same as Fama's). The first issue of the insert had 32 pages and carried advertising from Chevrolet, Toyota, Dodge, and Chrysler. Even though Milka Duno, who is doing a Hispanic campaign for G6-Pontiac (General Motors), is on the cover of the insert, G6 Pontiac has not advertised in Mujeres al Volante.